Each year WordPress releases a new free official theme for their users. In this module there are tutorial series for 3 of these themes; Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Fifteen, and Twenty Seventeen. Learning to work these three themes is great exercise to get a feel for how things work when you switch from theme to theme. Another reason you want to get a lot of practice with different themes is because each theme can work drastically different and will have functions that other themes don’t have. There are also some tutorials from one theme that still can apply to other themes.

The biggest benefit to going through these 3 themes is that you’ll begin to recognize where to look for things. Part of why I’m as good as I am with WordPress is because I look for patterns and similarities in how things work, and after a while, I can not only recognize them within WordPress, but in other kinds of programs as well. So these skills that you are building with this online technology are going to grow like a snowball rolling downhill.

I cannot stress this enough: Take the time to go through this course and work with each theme!

Ultimately you are going to want to try a bunch of different themes until you find one to settle on, and the practice you put here in this module will exponentially grow your understanding of the WordPress platform. And even though you may struggle through this initially, you’ll push your learning curve time down significantly and you’ll begin to master WordPress in no time at all. 🙂